Our Enistic metering will tell you exactly where your energy is going. It does not necessarily require permanent wiring so facilities do not have to be shut down. Energy use is shown on your computer via the web using easily read graphs and analysis tools. We have had many outcomes that have surprised business owners and have lead to in excess of 50% energy savings by some clients.

Continuous monitoring has been preferred by clients for ongoing monitoring and annual comparisons.

Why use ENISTIC?

  • We will help you reduce your consumption and lower your costs
  • We will improve your businesses credibility by reducing your carbon footprint
  • We take pride in our energy management technology
  • We will help increase the energy performance of your building
  • Enable you to view (Plato) your building’s energy usage 24/7, on or off site
  • Our tools will enable continuous commissioning

Typically, we implement the Enistic green technologies in the following stages:


We offer to assess your property, install, calibrate and connect our web monitoring equipment and then have a monthly charge for ongoing monthly rental and reporting. The rental cost reduces as for longer contracts.



Our energy managers will identify areas where significant energy savings can be made based on the usage patterns that are revealed by the data.

Sub metering may be necessary to ‘drill down’ to identify precisely the devices causing the high demand.


The gathered data will inform decisions on the devices and the plan to reduce your energy consumption.

We will recommend remedial actions and work with you to plan strategies to reduce your energy consumption.

This is likely to start with quick-wins that are easy to implement with minimal investment but may move to Capex projects where a significant  return on investment will be expected.

Through better energy management clients of ours have achieved an average of 51% energy savings over 5 sites!


Our software dashboards enable benefits to be tracked and continuous commissioning will allow energy to be managed and compared over longer periods

Effecting energy savings will take time and we want to plan the process and enjoy the journey with you.


As can be seen below, easily managed situations can add up to significant savings!

Don’t delay, contact us NOW for a proposal to achieve energy savings for your business.

We have developed Energy Guardian (NZ) Ltd for Enistic use in NZ. Further information is available from our website


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